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We help nurses find jobs they love


This company exists for our customers: the healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities, whose lives we can improve.


We take full responsibility for our domain areas, and we own the outcome. We believe that we have agency over what we do, and that no one else is to blame. We own up to where things fall short, and we figure out how we can improve our world through our actions alone.


We are effective at what we do, because we are excellent at prioritization, and at getting to the core of what’s necessary to accomplish any project or task. We are always finding ways of automating ourselves out of a job, and creating new ones that are even higher leverage.

User Empathy

We care about our users, and care to understand their problems as the deepest level. We are always thinking of ways to improve the lives of our users, and that starts with asking questions and understanding them, rather than judging how they’re approaching their problems.

Extreme curiosity

We want to dig deep into problems, and really understand everything from first principles. We are curious about the world, about our customers, about how we can better ourselves, and we have a propensity to learn.

Low ego

We care about learning and growth more than our ego. We want to become better versions of ourselves, and this means admitting when we’re wrong or need improvement in an area. We see areas of improvements not as weaknesses but as directions

Bias for Action

While we deliberate over decisions, we act in order to get to the answer quickly. We act to uncover things we missed, and we do not let lack of information paralyze our ability to decide.

Future Thinking

We don’t think about the world as it is today, but the world as it could be. We imagine the experience from 5, 10, 50 years out, and that encompasses all the progress the rest of the world has made in infrastructure and all the giants whose shoulders we can be standing on.