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Clevir is an app that connects students to collaborative studying environments. The student simply selects the class they want to study for, then searches the specific topic, and then they're instantly put into an 8 person video study group with other students who wanted to study the same thing. There are also options to study with classmates, as well as friends, but the next greatest option is spectate mode. If you don't feel like actively participating in a study group use spectate mode to simply watch and listen to study groups. with spectate mode there can essentially be thousands of students tuned into one study group! Clevir is the solution to the problems so many students face every day when trying to put together study groups; having to find people to study with, and then finding a place and time that works for everyone. That's a lot of coordination and it usually ends up making the study group not work out. Clevir also makes studying as mobile as your phone, not your backpack! It also solves one of the biggest problems that comes with studying and that's the simple fact that it's very boring for many people. Rather than studying with your classmates, study with students from different parts of the globe! The only limit on who you can study with is the language you speak! Clevir makes studying easy which is why it's the ideal solution to the efforts needed to put together study groups. We're starting in high schools and later on integrating into colleges. We're also starting as an iOS app. looking for a CTO/ Cofounder who will take on the responsibilities of managing a development team, and scanning code. Must be passionate about the startup and must be a full stack developer.

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