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President at Clevertech, Building Smarter Business Software. Brochure at http://bit.ly/cWhOmo


Bartosz Jarocki

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Experienced Android Developer; Successfully developed > 30 native Android apps for companies like Vision Media, DKMS, Canal Digital, Polskie Radio, TastyCloud

Fred Souza

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Tech lead and JavaScript engineer; Created many successful apps with userbases with up to 50M users.

Elisa Campos

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Henrique Limas

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Co-founder and Tech lead at Reverse. JavaScript developer at Clevertech. Bachelor's degree in Information and Communication Technology and member of AIESEC

Chad Furman

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Professional, dedicated, and friendly with over ten years experience. Full-stack developer with experience in Linux, Python, PHP, JavaScript / Node, Clang...

Jason Cianfrone

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UX/UI Designer

Martino Fornasa

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DevOps Lead at Clevertech, Co-Founder at SpreadSheetSpace. Remote working enthusiast.

Diego Pacheco

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Went to Universidad de La Empresa, Montevideo Uruguay

Sorel Arghire

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Self-thought software designer specialised on complex web and mobile applications.

Ian McDevitt

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Full-Stack JS Developer at Clevertech

Andrej Kolar

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Software engineer interested in all aspects of the software industry. Experience in designing, developing and maintaining mobile, web and enterprise...

Nick Bucheleres

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Deep Learning; lover of quantum physics and high-dimensional mathematics

Maciste Saldanha

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CS, full stack, node.js, javascript, angularJS, strongloop loopback API framework, REST, cordova, C#/ASP.Net MVC, C/C++, worked on projects for HP.
CS, Versatile and creative programmer, including Desktop, Mobile, Web, Computer Graphics, Machine Learning... Also interested in business side

Former team

Dmytro Zasyadko

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Arthur Landim

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Conor Scott

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Rafał Hotloś

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Rodrigo Espinosa Curbelo

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Marco Asbreuk

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