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Interactive software for animals

Interactive software for animals

CleverPet constructively and automatically interacts with pets when they would otherwise have nothing to do. A dog with a job is a happy dog, and our technology enriches pets' lives by having them play for their food. In the process, pet parents feel better about leaving their family members alone at home, and through the CleverPet platform our customers develop a radically improved relationship to the animals they share their lives with.

The companion animals market is massive, growing, and recession-proof. As of 2015 it's more than $60B/year in the US alone, and there are now more pet dogs in America than kids under age 20. People leave their dogs lonely and sad for 10s of billions of hours each year, and feel so guilty about it they spend $40/day and bring their dog to "dog daycare". We're taking cognitive behavioral training technology previously available only to researchers, and bringing it into the home to provide pets with the daily mental and physical stimulation they crave.

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Leo Trottier

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Founder and CEO, CleverPet • PhD candidate at @University of California, San Diego. Graduate of @University of Toronto Ran @Scholarpedia.

Daniel Knudsen

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Founder and CSO, @CleverPet • Program Lead @Startup Leadership Program, San Diego Chapter • PhD, Neurosciences, @UCSD