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Your very own money manager dedicated to simplifying and automating your financial life

Software Engineer (Machine Learning)

$100k – $150k • 0.2% – 1.0%
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At the core of our offering is a smart, conversational interface powered by AI and as such, your role will be critical to our success.

As a dedicated Deep Learning Engineer, you’ll join the team that created the state-of-the-art NLP and AI financial algorithms that power Clerkie. You’ll also have the unprecedented opportunity to analyze and dissect our unique financial and shopping data sets, in an effort​ to monetize our services all while helping everyday families.

Here’s what you will do:
- Lead the development of our natural language processing engine as well as the creation of various components for our text- and speech-based intelligent assistants (e.g., classifiers, custom POS recognition, question analysis, knowledge graphs, advanced speech analysis)
- Develop cutting-edge AI algorithms that provide real-time financial advice to users (based on their finances) and that can easily surface financial insights/trends from our large data sets

Minimum qualifications:
- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (CS) or a similar technical field of study, or equivalent practical experience
- 1+ year experience in natural language processing and/or general machine learning applications (e.g., basic neural networks implementations like recurrent neural networks - RNNs, long short-term memories - LSTMs)
- Extensive coding experience in Python and/or Java
- General coding experience in Theano, TensorFlow, and/or Torch
- Familiarity with NLP libraries such as NLTK, CoreNLP
- Experience with GPU-enabled server resources (e.g., from AWS or Google Cloud Platform)
- Standalone self-starter able to manage individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables

Preferred qualifications (ranked by priority and not required):
- 3+ years of machine learning experience with demonstrated high performance as a full time employee (or minimum of MS or PhD degree in CS with focus on Deep Learning)
- Has shipped one or more Deep Learning algorithms used in B2C or B2B product
- 2+ years experience with deep learning and more advanced neural network models (e.g., deep reinforcement learning)
- Extensive coding experience using Theano, TensorFlow, and/or Torch.
- Interest and understanding of basic financial concepts is a plus
- Curious mind with keen interest and ability to learn other programming languages as needed

Other criteria and cultural fit:
- Passion for our mission and for artificial intelligence
- Extreme focus on the user with a healthy obsession for solving their needs
- Committed to being a part of something bigger than yourself
- Open to explore opportunities beyond Deep Learning (e.g., will have flexibility to explore new roles within the company based on strengths and passion)

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Your very own money manager dedicated to simplifying and automating your financial life

Clerkie focuses on Consumer Internet, Artificial Intelligence, and Fin Tech. Their company has offices in San Francisco Bay Area. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.clerkie.io or find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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