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An AI assistant for your money.




Bryony Watson

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Works at Cleo. Went to University of Cambridge, and Makers Academy.

Rox Nejad

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Grace Hughes

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El Winter

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Lilli Chan

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Pius Bozumbil

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Peter Johnstone

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I'm a software engineer at Cleo AI.

Roisin Allum

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Kieran Doyle

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Growth @Cleo. Previously @DICE, @YouTube & @Google.

Harriet Smith Hughes

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UX Designer & Product Voice, Cleo AI Voice & Communications, Cleo AI MPhil - University of Cambridge BA Hons - University of Oxford

Thish Nadesan

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COO Cleo AI. Interested in big ideas and ill-defined problems. We're hiring! https://cleo-ai.workable.com/

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Founder of @Entrepreneur First Looking for Europe's best deep tech companies.

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George Sheppard

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Stan Beguns

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