Kou Lee

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Matt Rae

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UX/Product Designer

Tim Peckover

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Growth & Retention - Books • Coffee • Community

Vinny Luka

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Ryan Wicklum

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I am a determined and ambitious business professional with a want to help, a need to drive change, and a craving for life.

Kuyler Neable

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Alex Martin

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Experienced electronics engineer looking to get involved with early stage product development.

Evan Little

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Arsalan Khan

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Mechatronics Engineer by training; Electrical and Electronics Engineering Focus

Enrique Fernández Perdomo

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Senior Robotics Engineer with PhD in Computer Engineer working at Clearpath, previously at PAL Robotics.

Faisal Haroon

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Ilia Baranov

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He will often take the faster and most versatile solution rather than the perfect solution. Robotics and automation have been lifelong interests for him.

Dora Poon

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Data Visualization Designer; Worked at Clearpath Robotics, Mobile Experience Lab, and Design Our Tomorrow.

Ian Tao

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Former team

Karan Prashanth

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Leor Grebler

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Angelo Ma

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Bradley Moggach

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Timothy Vieregge

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Rahul Rawat

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