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Keith Nocera

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Former attorney turned software engineering looking for role as a full stack developer where I help create products that enrich the lives of everyday users.
Strategic and driven professional offering 6 years of experience in Accounting and data analysis.

Shaun Decker

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Enthusiastic developer looking to grow my skills and contribute to great projects. Versatile, flexible, and driven, striving to take my career to the next level
Co-founder @Candid previously led digital design growth at WeWork. Founded @Flud 1st social news app, strong award winning product background. Angel investor.
Math and econ nerd. Strategy consulting and market research. Experience in automotives, aerospaces, machining, wearables, and semiconductors. Available NOW!

Drew Foulkes

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Design Thinker | Eco-Geek Biz Dev and Ops Ex-CI&T Co-Founder @CityCoHo

Paul Franzen

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Technical Co-Founder and Head of Engineering at Clearfind

Tyler Jakes

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Efficient and responsive problem solver, who loves raising the bar. Experience with Operations, HR, Marketing, Sales, and Legal. Went to Vanderbilt.
Serial entrepreneur, Innovation catalyst, Investor. Founder Blackbox, Founder NEL, Founder Central Working, Co-Founder Rise, Tech Ambassador for London.

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Michael McGuire

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Asyet Argynbai

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Mini Burr

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