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We hire passionate, intelligent team members who thrive in collaborative environments. We begin each day with a stand-up (usually only takes a couple minutes) where we take turns giving a high-level on what we were working on yesterday, what we're tackling today and if we have any blockers. Every two weeks is a themed sprint where we collectively decide on goals, their difficulty, and distribution across our teams. At the end of each sprint is a retrospective where we discuss what went well, what didn't go well and any team shout-outs! We enjoy coming to work and being a part of the team and look forward to the nuance and individuality each member brings to Clearfind!

Perks and benefits

Medical / dental / vision

Fully company paid for the individual.

Work from home-friendly

Need to take care of real life? Feeling under the weather? Take care of yourself and work from home. It's more important to accomplish quality work than it is to be in-office Monday through Friday and every minute of the workday.

We're a remote crew!

Based in New York, we've moved to a remote model. We plan on having a drop-in office in the future for anyone who wants it!

Paid time off

25 days PTO

Benji needs friends!

Our Head of Engineering has brought Benji, his dog, by a few times to hang out with the team and we're always down for fuzzy friends.

A company-wide focus on mindfulness

We highly value state-of-mind and being able to be your brilliant self in a calm, clear and collected mental state. With quarterly team development with One Thought and personal check-ins, we foster a space caring for our minds.

Bimonthly megaparties!

We take turns putting together a megaparty where we go out as a team and enjoy something like Karaoke or fun, unique New York spots.