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Automating Risk-Management & Background Screening

Automating Risk-Management & Background Screening

The ClearChecks platform serves 1000's of employers from SMBs to the enterprise with a simple way to screen employees and limit risk by collecting personally identifiable information (PII). The simple-to-use web-based platform makes ordering, tracking, and viewing background checks and drug screening simple. Our automated compliance process keeps your company compliant with the federal employment laws (FCRA), and all state and local laws. Our RESTful APIs integrate with popular Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and streamlines your hiring process.

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Founder of ClearChecks & Clear.me. Blockchain and crypto currency enthusiast. Former Director of Finance/Controller at a dreamy Silicon Valley unicorn.

Dan Ellis

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Startup investor. Previous founder @ClearChecks @Syndero , 1st at @Adteractive. Bootstrapped 0-100M. Built products, acquisition, growth, nfx. Keep testing...