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Legal analytics by data scientists

Legal analytics by data scientists

We are building a legal search engine that instantly provides legal professionals with precisely the materials they need to solve real-world legal problems – our vision is the computational paralegal. On our way there, we change how anyone can access UK law. We have built a fast and intuitive full text search operating on UK case law. We believe that the law should be easily available to everyone. For professionals, our search algorithm will use novel techniques from cutting-edge data analysis, machine learning and natural language processing. This will return relevant legislation beyond simple text matching. We complement these results with visualisations of their context within the “graph of law”. This makes important cases obvious and quick to access. We train our computational paralegal to extract information that has never before been available, e.g. “harshness” of judges, or the context within citing any one case has proven successful.

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Founder of CLAWS - JLM. BSc Physics, Uni Bristol MSc Nuclear Physics, Uni Birmingham
Experienced applied machine learning researcher. Bioinformatics PhD, University of Cambridge Computer Science MSc, University of Oxford
Founder of CLAWS - JLM, Alexander von Humboldt / JSPS fellow, PhD University of Oxford