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Hiperware is transforming how teachers employ technology in classrooms to make teaching - and thereby learning - more effective. While tablets and computers rapidly become mainstream in American classrooms, teachers continue to be challenged in ensuring effective learning. The primary problem is the disparate aptitude levels and disparate motivation levels of children: 40+% of American kids are one or more grades behind their current grade level. A current generation of classroom software largely serves as ‘paperwork alternative’ - taking away chores from teachers rather than fundamentally changing how kids learn. ClassHero's first product makes Assignments Personalized, Easy and Awesome! ClassHero combines a full-curriculum supplementary learning platform for K-4 that incorporates several key strategies for teachers: - With ClassHero, teachers personalize assignments for every child in a classroom, every single time. - ClassHero makes the process easy, smart and visual. ClassHero identifies prerequisite or advanced skills for each child, offering teachers complete control. - ClassHero Incorporates an industry-first Badges-as-rewards for kids! Badges are designed like player cards that kids collect and clip on their backpacks! Each classroom gets a full Kit. In independent tests, kids using ClassHero outperformed kids using all competing apps. ClassHero is a proven ‘engagement success’ – increasing average practice times by 20% & over 50% among reluctant learners! ClassHero comprises of an App that kids use and a web-based Portal for teachers. The app runs on iPads, iPhones, Chromebooks, Android tablets and on any web browser.
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ClassHero is a pioneering EdTech platform that emphasizes teacher-directed, teacher-focused classroom technologies to address fundamental classroom learning challenges. ClassHero for Math is the first and only system for elementary/ middle schools that integrates a full standards-based curriculum...