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Clarisights is a SaaS product that enables marketers get a unified view of their data without investing in complex reporting stacks. Marketers have to deal with data incoming from multiple siloed sources such as ad networks, web analytics, in-app analytics and in-house customer data. Collating all this data, exporting it, and later analysing it is tedious, error prone and very limited. Clarisights solves this problem by stitching in data aggregation, data warehousing and data visualisation into one seamless interface. Marketers can connect their data sources to our platform, streaming all the ad and analytics data to our backend, then can run computations on that data, have custom visualisations, drill down / roll up, and query by any other metric.
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Software Engineer

Frontend Engineer

Posted 3 weeks ago

Responsibilities - Understanding the product inside out, figure out the major components of the product and how they interact with each other. - Build user interfaces that are consistent, accessible, pixel-perfect, and fast, that are customisable as per the varying use cases. Create reusable and...

Software Engineer

Database Engineer

Posted 4 months ago

Role Clarisights is a platform that is centered around lots of data being processed, ingested and read efficiently. The underlying systems need to provide capabilities update and ingest data on the order of billions of records on a daily basis. Complex analytics queries need to run on 10s of...

Software Engineer

Frontend Lead

Posted 3 weeks ago

We are building a workspace for Marketing teams - Think Webflow for Marketing teams, Grafana for Marketing teams who operate on large data sets and need a clear intuitive interface to look at all their data. Traditionally Marketing teams have always had to depend on a large BI team to provide...