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Compensation for disrupted flights

Compensation for disrupted flights

ClaimCompass is the easiest way to get back at airlines for screwing up your flight. With just a few clicks, passengers can file a claim and get up to $680 in compensation from the airline. Based on existing national and international legislation, such as EU261/2004 and the Montreal Convention of 1999, we built an automated claims filing and processing system, which allows us to handle large volumes of claims with minimal time and effort.

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Alexander Sumin

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Co-founder, CMO @ClaimCompass | 500 Startups Alumni | Forbes 30 under 30 | Endeavor Global Entrepreneur | Making air travel suck less.

Velizar Shulev

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Founder and CTO @ClaimCompass. Computing Science graduate (University of Glasgow)
Co-founder & CEO of ClaimCompass