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Be your best cook

Be your best cook

ckbk (ckbk.com) is a new digital subscription service for food lovers, often compared to "Spotify for recipes". Building on a Top 1000 list of the world's best cookbooks, assembled with input from the world's leading chefs and food writers, we have assembled a curated collection of hundreds of the world's best and most influential cookbooks to create the ultimate one-stop destination for food lovers. ckbk makes the full content of these cookbooks instantly searchable from any device, with access to 100,000+ recipes. Users will be able to create their own " playlists" of favourite recipes, and find inspiration via personalised recommendations. Press: tastingtable.com/cook/national/ckbk-cookbook-subscription thespoon.tech/ckbk-is-to-recipes-as-spotify-is-to-music quartzy.qz.com/1251141/cbkb-is-the-spotify-of-cookbooks-an-app-for-discoverin…

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Founder of ckbk (Spotify for cookbooks). Previously co-founder of BioMed Central, pioneer of open access publishing model which transformed science publishing.