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Chatbot Developer - 6 Month Intern

₹60,000 – ₹1.44L • No equity
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Roles & Responsibilities:
● Developing chatbots and voice assistant on various platforms for various business use-cases
● Work on a chatbot framework/architecture using an open-source tool or library especially RASA and/or Dialogflow
● Implement Natural Language Processing (NLP) for the chatbots
● Integration of chatbots with Management Dashboards and CRMs
● Resolve complex technical design issues by looking at the logs, debugging code and identifying any technical issues/challenges/bugs in the process
● Deploy applications using CI/CD tools
● Designing and building highly scalable AI and ML solutions
● Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements
● Open minded, flexible and willing to adapt to changing situations
● Ability to work independently as well as on a team and learn from colleagues
● High adaptability in a dynamic start-up environment.
● Experience with bot multi-lingual utilization (preferred)
● Experience with bot human escalation
● Ability to optimize applications for maximum speed and scalability
● Come up with new approaches and ideas to improve the current performance of Chatbots across multiple domains and build highly personalized user experience.

● B. Tech/ B.E. /M. Tech or a related technical discipline from reputed universities

Skills Required:
● Hands on experience building and deploying chatbots.
● Experience in Conversational AI platform for enterprises using ML and Deep Learning
● Experience with bot text to speech and vice versa transformation incorporation
● Experience with bot multi-lingual utilization (preferred)
● Build and evolve/train NLP platform from natural language text data being gathered from users on a daily basis.
● Code using primarily Python/R/Java.
● Good to have knowledge of Node.js
● Should have a good understanding on various Chatbot frameworks particularly Dialogflow, Rasa, Botpress, amazon Lex etc. or any other chatbot framework.
● Experience with bots for platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, twitter etc.
● Knowledge on digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google assistant etc.
● Experience in applying different NLP techniques to problems such as text classification, text summarization, question & answering, information retrieval, knowledge extraction, and conversational bots design potentially with both traditional & Deep Learning Techniques- NLP Skills/Tools: NLP, HMM, MEMM, P/LSA, CRF, LDA, Semantic Hashing, Word2Vec, Seq2Seq, spaCy, Nltk, Gensim, Core NLP, NLU, NLG etc.
● Should be familiar with these terms: Tokenization, N-Grams, Stemmers, lemmatization, Part of speech tagging, entity resolution, ontology, lexicology, phonetics, intents, entities and context.
● Knowledge of SQL and NoSQL Databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra and NoSQL Databases.
● Experience with working on public cloud services such as AWS, or GCP
● Knowledge of Linux shell commands
● Fundamentals of Natural Language processing with proven experience working with text data in industry or research lab.
● Integration with Chat/Social software like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SMS
● Integration with Enterprise systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Zendesk.

Must have:
● Strong foundation in one of the programming languages
● Experience with RASA and/or Dialogflow
● Strong understanding of other AI tools and applications like TensorFlow, Spacy, Google Cloud ML is a BIG plus.
● Experience with RESTful services
● Good understanding of HTTPS and Enterprise security

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Ashwin Kain

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I'm Startup enthusiast. I love helping small businesses grow and solving complex problems. I'm a computer science graduate with 3+ Yrs of work experience.

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Powering Governments, Empowering Citizens

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