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Powering Governments, Empowering Citizens

Powering Governments, Empowering Citizens

CivilCops is bridging the data and knowledge gap between citizens and governments by establishing seamless communication medium for citizen collaboration and a platform for the governments to increase service responsiveness and shaping service delivery to meet citizen’s needs and wants.

CivilCops provides Artificial Intelligence powered chat and voice interfaces integrated over multiple platforms to engage the residents in providing feedback/suggestions on public services and reporting non-emergency complaints they are facing.

For the governments to take faster and better decisions, evaluate the impact of existing services/initiatives and accordingly make changes by keeping the citizens in the loop, CivilCops provides CITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. The platform consolidates public data, streamlines requests and workflows with automation and leverages data to get actionable insights, define priorities and make decisions that improve citizen service delivery.

Chatbot Developer - 6 Month Intern

Co-Founder and COO

Ashish Sharma

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Co-Founder and CEO @CivilCops.