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About us

We at CivicDataLab work with the goal to use data, tech, design and social science to strengthen the course of civic engagement in India. We work to harness the potential of the open-source movement to enable citizens to engage better with public reforms. Our work is centred around building data strategy, data platforms and data science applications to push data-driven decision-making at scale. Moreover, we work closely with governments, non-profits, think-tanks, media houses, universities etc. to build data and tech capacity.

We’re hiring a Frontend Engineer who specializes in building User Interfaces for data platforms. They will work alongside data strategists, public policy researchers and other stakeholders to develop platforms that help citizens participate and engage in discussions and assist policy-makers and researchers in working with public datasets.

About the work

As a team we’re moderately federated and our work is defined by the sectors we operate in. Public Finance, Law & Justice and Urban Local governance are a few sectors where we’re actively engaging with our collaborators. The outputs, outcomes and future opportunities are always as per the needs, requirements, partnerships and opportunities available at a sector level.

This structure also helps us find, share and validate our ideas across sectors. A good example here is the Open Budgets India platform, which we created to curate all important public finance data at one place. Our learnings here help us in creating the Justice Hub, which is a collaborative data platform for curating legal datasets.

As a Frontend Engineer

  • You will collaborate with an interdisciplinary team to ideate and develop similar platforms across projects and sectors.
  • Work with our partners and build systems to express their findings for better advocacy purposes.
  • Create more open tools for the community that simplifies the workflows on dealing with open & public datasets.

Our expectations

  • A good command of Javascript - We have used several systems in the past to build UIs. But one thing that was common in most of our projects was Javascript. Experience with working on multiple frameworks is a plus, but what is essential and important is a good understanding of plain vanilla Javascript.

  • Taking ownership of your ideas and work - We’re a small & a remote team. As a member of CDL, you’ll have multiple opportunities to sign up for different projects (both internal and external) and wear multiple hats. We encourage you to work on issues that you associate with and help as a team to work around it. The most valuable skill you bring to this role is how you deal with these opportunities. We don’t follow a hierarchical structure and acting responsibly in whatever you sign up, is not only essential it also helps the team move forward.

Good to have

  • Working experience with React, ES6, HTML5, CSS3.
  • Conceptualisation of design into code using data visualisation libraries like D3, NVD3 etc.
  • Understanding of handling and manipulating diverse datasets.

Our most recent work

  • Developing a case-law tracker with Internet Freedom Foundation to track cases registered under the now unconstitutional section 66A of the Information Technology Act. Link
  • Tracking the implementation of the POCSO act by studying the case-laws from three different states. Link
  • Building the Justice Hub - To enable communities to discover, share, create and harness open data on justice. Link
  • Creating an OSS-Landscape report chronicling the journey of the Open Source Movement in India and developing a strategic roadmap for its adoption in India.
  • We are co-creating Open Budgets India Initiative, to make India’s public budget and spending data more open, usable and easy to comprehend. It has some key open-source data analytics tools like Union Budget Explorer, Assam Budget Explorer and more.
  • We have also worked on a crowdsourced disaster management platform PetaBencana and are currently re-building a city level open data platform OpenCity to enable more data led conversations in cities.

Why CivicDataLab

CivicDataLab operates as a small team with most people working remotely. You will get opportunities to use your frontend skills and collaborate with researchers and social science practitioners in bringing qualitative and quantitative change in various key sectors, along with an opportunity to shape the organization’s work culture. You will be responsible for defining your own goals in accordance with partner organizations and other team members and plan your own career trajectory. We are committed to inclusive work culture and strongly encourage applicants from diverse and cross-cultural backgrounds.

The Application Process

You can send us a link to your CV on careers@civicdatalab.in along with your experience details and a cover letter.

  • Please be descriptive in the letter you write. Honest and jargon-free letters are ones that we really look forward to reading. If we like your profile, then we’ll share a link to a form. This helps us know you better. Just one ask, be honest when you share your thoughts.
  • We will review your application and setup a quick phone call. The phone call acts as a good way to introduce yourself and for us to let you know a bit more about our work. This call will be followed up with an assignment.
  • After you’ve spent some time on it, we’ll arrange a working session with a member from our team so both of you can directly collaborate and exchange ideas around the task.
  • We’ll then arrange a final discussion with other members of the team where we discuss CDL, our experiences and the journey we’ve been a part of. This is the time when you share your concerns, share your ideas, and just be part of a casual conversation.

Once this is done, and if we still sound excited to get you on-board, we will extend an offer within 3 days. We ideally like to close this process within 2 weeks from the date of our first conversation.

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Data | Tech | Design | Social Science

CivicDataLab focuses on Open Source, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Software Engineering, and Open Data. Their company has offices in Bengaluru. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.civicdatalab.in/ or find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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