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CitizenNet’s platform interprets billions of real-time data signals from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others to deliver more accurate ad targeting and better results. This methodology refines Facebook’s built-in solutions, creating improved micro-targeting across demographic, behavioral, and interest-based segments.

CitizenNet delivers deep expertise in predicting new audiences for marketers trying to achieve scale without sacrificing response rates. Our proprietary Predicted Affinity Audience Modeling adds a new layer of transparency to lookalike models, finding targets with better response rates. Exclusive Hunt & Refine Media Optimization automates performance within marketers’ parameters. The QuickSight reporting toolset provides an interactive dashboard with client-ready visuals for collaboration between partners in multiple locations, delivering quick insights for optimization.

We have a stellar A+ dev team (ex Google, Schematic, and Fox), and are looking for top people to lead the way. In 2017, CitizenNet merged with Condé Nast, one of the most renowned media companies in the world, allowing CitizenNet to have startup thinking with large company backing.
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Media Supervisor - Paid Social

The ‘Digital Media Supervisor, Paid Social’ position at CitizenNet is key to account performance, growth, and internal development. By developing actionable insights through campaign oversight and monitoring, the position serves as a vital role in reaching client goals and increasing results....