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Legal knowledge. Networked.

Legal knowledge. Networked.

CiteRight is a next-generation knowledge platform that lets elite law firms recycle the work their lawyers have already done.

Law firms have been saving work to their shared hard drives for more than twenty years, and so they're sitting on mountains of potentially useful documents. But these firms don't have good tools to recycle them. Their lawyers still waste millions of hours every year duplicating what their colleagues at the same firm have already done — manually copying and pasting text from one window to another. That takes time that clients won't pay for anymore.

We're unlocking the knowledge in the documents law firms already have. And we're doing it by automating the most time-consuming and repetitive parts of preparing litigation documents.
Well educated business analyst, did some very strong and meaningful work at Cambridge.
Founder @CiteRight • Lawyer, coder, and legal tech wrangler • Harvard and McGill Universities • Worked at @McCarthy Tetrault

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