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Technical Co-Founder (need to be skilled with Python, React, and AWS)

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The Technical Co-Founder role with CIRV will provide the right candidate with a huge opportunity to immediately drive the business forward through innovation, to become an integral part of the company’s future as a strategic thought partner, and to grow – personally, professionally, and financially – as the organization grows. The Tech Lead will transform the business strategy into industry leading products by managing the architecture, resources/budget, and roadmap/milestones required to enable CIRV to deliver high quality results to its customers on an ongoing basis. This person must be able to work effectively in a group setting with designers, developers, CIRV functional unit leaders, and advisors/senior executives.

Basic qualifications include:
 Experience and ongoing desire to take ownership of product development in a fast-paced
startup environment; this includes knowing when to push back on demands and when it is and is
not appropriate to take the 80/20 approach.
 Direct people management experience in a highly technical environment including management
of day-to-day taskwork and performance management
 Knowledge of both hardware and software architecture with the ability to recommend and get
executive buy-in regarding the optimal path forward for each in a constantly evolving project
 Great communication and stakeholder management skills to more widely share out progress
against current project plans and proposed and prioritized future plans; this will be critical to
ensure marketing, sales, and operations are able to optimize their work while accounting for
timelines set by IT
 A network of qualified designers, developers, hardware engineers, dev ops engineers, and other
IT personnel or the enthusiasm and technical skills to invest in recruiting top technology talent
as the backbone of CIRVs product infrastructure
 Deep knowledge of Agile development to enable the team to move forward quickly while
maintaining adaptability to ever-changing customer needs
 Technical skills in a variety of hardware and software related areas; this person should be
prepared to step in and temporarily fill any resource gaps should unexpected changes occur

Current desired skillsets include: Python, Linux, React Native, database design,
development, and administration, familiarity with the AWS suite of resources,
HTML/CCS/JavaScript, wireless communications (WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular), and
microcontroller implementation

The Tech Lead’s scope will initially be to manage development of CIRV’s sensor-based analytics platform with opportunity to grow that scope as the company broadens its product offerings. This role will have line of sight to promotions to Director, Vice President, President, and Chief Technology Officer should the hired candidate have the desire and continue to perform well with a larger and larger sphere of management influence. With such scope increases, the Tech Lead will not only become a more key member of the management team who influences the future direction of the business, but they will have the opportunity to increase their equity ownership in the company (at the discretion of the existing C-Suite, board of directors, and/or other authority as delegated by the company’s governing

The current vision for the evolution of this role, should the hired candidate’s performance demonstrate such a path forward would be of mutual benefit, is as follows (each step is in addition to the ongoing leadership over all prior steps):

  1. Lead development of the Sensor-Based Analytics Platform, which includes: a. Web Application b. People Counting Sensors c. Backend/Server/Database
  2. Lead development of the consumer- and business-facing CIRV Mobile Application: a. Consumer-facing elements b. Unique business-facing elements
  3. Development of CIRV’s AI infrastructure that combines the power of the Mobile Application with that of the Sensor-Based Analytics Platform
  4. Development of CIRV POS
  5. Strategic leader for the future of the CIRV platform Additionally, the Tech Lead will assist with sales, marketing, fund raising, and non-technical recruitment as a key leader when establishing credibility for the team. These functions will be most prevalent early on. The expectation in each area will shrink over time and will eventually be phased out into the responsibility of other functional unit leaders.

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Social Decision Making Platform

CIRV focuses on Mobile, New Product Development, Web Development, and Big Data Analytics. Their company has offices in Dallas. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://under construction

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