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Continuous Integration and Deployment



Founder, CTO, @CircleCI . Machine Learning background. Clojure contributor. Three-time entrepreneur. 


Matthew Boston

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BS in CSE from @Ohio State University

Bobby Falcione

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Worked at CircleCI, Pegasystems

Alexey Klochay

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Product manager @CircleCI / Engineering and finance background

Alice Chu

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Breon Knight

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Data boyz

Kunal Makhija

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Experienced and passionate customer facing engineer. I love to provide solutions and ensure customer happiness. Worked at Activision Blizzard and CircleCI

Robin Horca

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Startup-ready administrative professional with a scrappy, can do attitude and a broad range of experience.

Rose Kaplan-Bomberg

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Software engineer with strong communication skills and wide polyglot skillset including DevOps, front-end development, and CI/CD.

Lewis Liu

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Product Engineer @ CircleCI; Creator of Toc Messenger (http://toc.im); Builds great apps with bleeding edge tech using functional techniques and immutable data.

Tad Whitaker

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Linux, Bash, AWS, JS, React, Angular, Backbone, CoffeeScript, Express, Node, MongoDB, MySQL, PostGres, Python, Django, Drupal, Cordova native apps, security.

Vivek Ravishankar

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Self-taught coder and product marketer with 3+ years of experience in creating effective technical marketing content across various media

Kyle Tryon

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I make tech videos for the internet and code web software mostly for myself. Love to learn and then teach!

Krzysztof Kowalski

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Experienced software engineer passionate about building great products.

Zekerias tinsew

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SJSU alumni, Business Administration , helped build Sales Support process at Funding Circle, and a currently a partnership manager at Selfycart.

David Mann

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Global HR leader and startup adviser with diverse leadership and cultural-building experiences
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Board members and advisors

Founder @Orion , @Chef , VelocityConf. Partner @Heavybit. Early investor @Fastly @PagerDuty @Instacart & more. ex @Amazon

Bubba Murarka

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Read my bio at: https://bubba.vc/about. Follow me @Bubba Murarka on Twitter.
At times deeply engaged at RightCart, RightScale, RightSignature, Exceptional, Airbrake, and RedisToGo. Now advise, invest and operate at Xenon Ventures.
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Former team

Katie Ballinger

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Brittany Sipp

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Christine Lara

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Jared Volpe

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Andres Cuervo

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Florence Tsai

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