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VP Software + Architect | Love Movies & Cinema? Remote Startups? (Equity/Side Hustle)

No salary • 0.3% – 5.0%
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Do you love Movies, Moviegoing, Film, Cinema and have a passion for Remote Groundup Startups? Are you passionate about building a great life while building a great company?

Cinemaloop Inc. is an awesome group of cinema-lovers, movie-buffs, film nerds, cine-socialities and cinephiles and we’re on a mission to design a new innovative platform experience for the moviegoing-loving generations.

You are looking for freedom and the challenge of a startup and know you are the "right fit" for a remote startup as an early-founding team member. You are a highly entrepreneurial spirited and motivated “VP Software Development + Architect“ and ready to meet the challenge of helping to push 50% done MVP to completion by contributing hands-on (on the side from the normal day job.)

VP Software Development + Architect for Cinemaloop Inc will be responsible for leading the scrum team, responsible for leadership and management of the platform architecture function and delivery of its core services (i.e. solution architecture design, governance, blueprinting, technology enablement, etc).

The candidate will work with the current software team and have the opportunity to build the team out to build the Cinemaloop application. The candidate should have a strong background in Software Development and Software Architecture, as well as be comfortable working closely with the technical and business sides of the product.

The ideal candidate needs to possess customer-facing application development experience or work in a Software as a Service platform. The candidate will coordinate all phases of development including gathering business requirements from key stakeholders, planning, coding, testing/quality assurance, and ongoing maintenance.

The candidate should be about getting s%#t done with your team. You're excited about being a part of an early ground up a startup that is helping to change the cinema-going experience worldwide for years to come.

This is a "part-time" and "equity currency-based" position.

We are currently developing our first version, backed by a Grant for initial development expenses and are raising our initial round of funds.

Qualified candidates will be compensated with a share of the company "equity currency" depending on the amount of time he or she can commit to the project. This will be followed by full time "combination of salaried/equity" position post-seed funding.

- Looking for an early startup to join 'on the side' from your normal day job.
- Ready to be a part of a with ground-up, dirty, messy, lean startup culture and have a clear understanding of what it takes when things slow down and speed up.
- Understand this is an equity currency-based role until funding is raised.
- Understand this is a fully remote working company with 20+ people on four different continents.
- You can jump right into working with a current remote team.
- Excited to help change the face of the moviegoing experience.
- Strong sense of responsibility and ownership - gets s#*@ done!
- Excellent English writing and speaking communication skills.

• Remote Portal (Team Engage)
• Availablity (15hrs Weekly)
• Accountable (Gets Shit Done!)
• Help Lead Software team
• GIT Code Submission (Weekly)
• Help Review Code /Merge Requests
• Team E-meet (Once a Week)
• Checkin/Communicate (Daily)
• Connect People (Over the joy of Cinema)

Cool! We're a Good fit.

- Help recruit, train, and manage the remote software development team and utilize external resources to drive initiatives.
- Establishes software team over time that provides great value through standardization of solutions by attracting and retaining talent.
- Creates a productive work environment that keeps the team focused, engaged, and fulfilled.
- Responsible for initiating and executing critical software architecture and engineering strategies, in addition to collaborating with other organizational leaders regarding business and strategies that require software development support.
- Contribute to architectural documentation and guidelines.
- Great understanding of platform architecture, road mapping, and scaling.
- Lead the design, interaction, and implementation of the application, developing architecture solutions.
- Take a hands-on approach to the software development lifecycle, working with the CTO and VP of Strategy: develop project and resource plans/schedules, perform day-to-day project management to ensure successful sprints, assist the team in accomplishing all tasks, and demonstrate ownership and accountability of the entire product delivery process to drive successful delivery of all product.
- Implement processes and metrics to ensure the software development organization is extremely efficient and focused, and that the product is market-ready.
- Investigate and resolve software quality issues and escalate situations according to department processes for quick resolution
- Participate in the Technology Leadership Team.
- Provide code reviews and coach the engineers' ineffective and efficient coding techniques.
- Technical Lead on solution deployment projects, including the hands-on configuration of complex components.
- Clear all development roadblocks for the next sprint to succeed.
- Provide the updated list of currently utilized open-source software in the product.

- Early-stage startup company practitioner who has led small/medium size teams to deliver the product – you’re a hands-on software development leader (technology + process)
- Good Working knowledge of Javascript, Node.js, JQuery, etc
- Good Working knowledge of React.JS
- Good Working knowledge Angular.JS, Ember.JS. Meteor.JS etc
- Experience with SPA, REST, JWT, API development or integration
- Familiarity with PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL
- Good Working knowledge of HTML, CSS
- Expertise in data solution architectures; tools and techniques used for data management.
- Understanding web-socket communication interaction
- Experienced delivering applications that leverage Google Cloud for development and production environments.
- Proficiency in Git, writing test cases and performing code reviews.
- Clean code and agile development strategies and implementations.

Equity 0.3% - 5% = in Shares 18,000,000 - 300,000,000
Depending on your expertise and commitment.

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