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A blockchain-enabled asset register for luxury wristwatches

A blockchain-enabled asset register for luxury wristwatches

ChronoVault is a free digital certification service for wristwatches. You can upload detailed descriptions, pictures, personal research, service documents and more to maintain an ongoing record of condition over time.

You can use ChronoVault to establish ownership, originality and provenance for a watch. Similarly, you can check the history of a watch before you purchase it by reviewing its ChronoVault record. Dealers can even check incoming watches against stolen asset registers. And all certificates are completely transferrable from one owner to the next.

ChronoVault is is private, secure and anonymous.

ChronoVault uses timestamping, image recognition and ownership checks to verify information about your watch. We then combine all this information in to an immutable, verified certificate which is written to a blockchain.
BSc in Computer Science; worked at Simply Business, Yahoo, Aspen Re, the AA, Financial Times.

Farid Tejani

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Strategy advisor, Angel investor, interim COO/CTO, startup mentor. Advised 250+ fintechs and global banks. Behavioural economics + MBA (Imperial College Ldn).

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