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Our mission:

Our health and wellbeing are governed more by our environment and lifestyle than by our genes. At Chronomics we enable you to quantify how your environment and lifestyle is affecting your health, so that you can make positive changes to live healthier and happier for longer.

Chronomics is an ambitious health tech start-up that believes people should be in charge of their own health. Health management should be proactive, not reactive and it should be personalised. We are using longitudinal biological data to bring about this revolution. A revolution where not only will people be in control of their own future but also in control of how they contribute to the future of humanity through the use of their data.

This product is just the first step towards a platform technology that will serve as the interface between the biological and digital world. It's an incredibly exciting time to come on board where you can really make a difference. Find out more at chronomics.com

The role:

At Chronomics, we’re constantly evolving the way we do things, and you’ll be core to making this happen! As we partner with larger organisations, you’ll be at the heart of those relationships, project managing, streamlining and improving the end-to-end partner journey. You’ll lead the customisation, implementation and training for our partners, work with key stakeholders from their organisations to embed our product, and project manage their contracts within Chronomics to ensure they are delivered to expectation.

As that critical link between us and our partners, you’ll ensure we exceed our partner expectations internally with our operations, product and service. You’ll work closely across these functions to develop, standardise and continuously improve our offering to serve these contracts faster, cheaper and better.

Essential Skills:

• Experience in a project management, change management or operations role in a fast-paced environment
• Ability to independently mobilise new initiatives
• Highly organised and detailed with great project management skills
• Ability to develop and cultivate relationships, navigate sensitivities, and manage input from stakeholders
• Able to operate effectively both in a collaborative team and autonomously
• Data driven to drive continuous improvement
• Driven, energetic, tenacious and willing to learn fast

Nice to have:
• Experience in a high growth start-up

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Chronomics at a glance

Their company has offices in London. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees. To date, Chronomics has raised $1.12M of funding; their latest round was closed on January 2019.

You can view their website at http://www.chronomics.com or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.