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Manager – Marketing Communications

The position is the role of a marketing communications manager who would play a key role in building the CHQBOOK brand by implementation of effective marketing communication on all platforms and activation of its products and services in the market place. - Work together with the business teams...


Customer Service

Posted 11 months ago

We are looking for a smart team leader who can handle customer service operations and build a team of teleservices professionals.

Software Engineer

Software Engineer - Backend

4+ years experience developing backend Java, PHP, or NodeJs applications Understanding and experience with database technologies Conceptual understanding of AWS Conceptual understanding of Jenkins, CI/CD Proficiency in SQL

Software Engineer

Software Engineer - Frontend

Posted 9 months ago

4+ years experience developing MVC applications as a front end engineer. Model - Redux or Flux or anything similar View - React or Angular or anything similar Controller - Javascript (ES6) - familiarity with Sync and Async behavior

Software Engineer

Software Engineer - Android

Posted 9 months ago

4+ years experience developing awesome B2C Android application(s) used at scale

Software Engineer

Software Engineer - IOS

Posted 9 months ago

4+ years experience developing awesome B2C iOS application(s) used at scale