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A travellers companion - Experience your World

A travellers companion - Experience your World

When we travel, we always look for new, unique and exciting things to do. Discover things that others haven’t. Go places others don’t. Be the first to do something.

Finding treasures, hidden gems and the best experiences when travelling can be hard. Not only are we sometimes crippled by indecision because of the overload of information on the world wide web, but it’s hard to find unique experiences, that you know you will like, based on your tastes.

But not anymore. chozun 途赞 solves this. We get to know you, as a traveller, understand what you like and don’t like, and we match you with lifestyle services and travel experiences based on YOU. Your personality, your preferences, your individual style.

Revolutionising the way we travel, connect and explore through a unique community led travel & loyalty ecosystem driven by crypto.

Wil Pringle

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Studied at RMIT, Full-stack jack of all trades, JS, Python, PHP, Java.

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