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Tinder for music discovery.

Tinder for music discovery.

Choosic is the world's first consumer music discovery app built on machine learning algorithms and over 600 curated music blogs. Focusing purely on new and emerging artists we provide personalised recommendations to our users.

We solve the painful process of looking for new music and searching through hundreds of music blogs. 80% of the people we interviewed wish there was a better way to discover new music and social media and friends are still the main source of discovery.

As Choosic acts as a personalised music discovery platform and not a radio, we are able to collect insightful data on the new and trending artists. Providing insights to Radio Stations and Record Labels, we are able to reduce the decision making time of what track to add or what artist to sign.
We are discussing Choosic's potential with major radio stations in the UK and had great interest to introduce promoted content by the major labels.

Currently have over 29,000 users located in over 100 countries.
Co-Founder @Code & Wander , Co-Founder @Choosic, interested in Music, Design, Startups and love traveling.

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