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Help push ecommerce in Vietnam and SEA forward

Help push ecommerce in Vietnam and SEA forward

chongiadung.com is a product search engine, designed for Vietnamese ecommerce market. On average, each user's query has ~400 results. We try very hard to rank the first 3 results to save user time.

tingting.vn is an app to help buyers stay connected to the deals they love. Door Buster deals everyday, at the comfort of your .. anywhere.

nyari.id is a shopping portal for Indonesia. With a simple click, users can see the best products and price from all top online merchants such as tokopedia, elevenia, tejualan, etc. Once they decide on a product, our staff can place an order via simple and friendly chat interface.

doc.chongiadung.com aggregates news about products, merchants, brands. That helps user understands the landscape before settling down on specific brand or product.

facebook.com/chongiadung connects with users via social platform. We constantly ask users for feedback and suggestions to improve our product.

Hai Nguyen

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ex-Google, ex-Airbnb, born competitor. Australia and US educated, worked at big and small tech companies. Strong supporter of tech startups in Vietnam.

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