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Learn Chinese online

Learn Chinese online

ChineseTime helps people around the world to learn Chinese language by online courses and live tutors from China. 1. We have composed several series of books of Learning Chinese. All the contents are made as online courses includes around 4,000 course pages, 800 exercises, 10,000 audios. 3 books of them are published by East China normal university and translated into English and Japanese. 2. We have build a global online school which can flexibly localized target to a specific country market, for example, we can easily setup different prices, different products and different promotions, even different UI, when target to USA market or Japan market. 3. We have created a lot free content and tools helping people know Chinese culture and learn a bit Chinese. Around 1 million pages indexed by google. 4. The most popular "Learn Chinese" group on social media web site like facebook, linkedin,xing...

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mike cao

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Founder ChineseTime • Worked at Englishtown and Learnways. More than 10 years E-Learning experience.