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Nikita More

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I have rich 8+ years of marketing and sales experience.Launched a category at Flipkart and taken care of operations and new initiatives for customer retention.

Navneet Krishna

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Kriti Gupta

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Hinal Chheda

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Worked at Chillr

Hetal Jain

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Renya Mathew

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Growth Hacker, Successfully achieved a higher than projected user base with high retention

Hemanth Manda

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Super enthusiastic Sales guy with start up experience looking for a challenging role

Rohit Patil

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Simplifying Digital Lending at Arthimpact Finserve Pvt Ltd

Joshane Kelsy

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Testing | Product Guy | Sr Product Quality Analyst @Chillr | Startups | FinTech | AdTech | 3+ yrs Exp | Product Mgmt | Project Mgmt | Release Mgmt | AGILE

Vivian Gomez

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Tushar Satyanath

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Product and Interface Design enthusiast. Graduate from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. Currently working as a UX/UI Designer at Chillr.

Zorawar Sachdev

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Android Ninja @ Chillr. Ex Android/Full Stack Dev @ Aasaanjobs. BSCS. Mobile product guy. I try to build stuff that people would love.

Lakshay Batra

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I’ve had an amazing work exposure with firms like Chillr, Swiggy & ZoRooms.

Sajan Antony

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I am passionate about iOS Application Development. I have 5 years of Experience in Mobile Development for iPad and iPhone platforms using Objective C and Swift.

shine nelson

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DevOps guy at Chillr | Tech Freak | Open Source Lover | Work-a-holic | Music Buff | മലയാളി
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Board members and advisors

Co- Founder and CEO, MobME Wireless Solutions - sanjay@mobme.in

Sony Joy

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CEO - Chillr | Co-founder - MOBME & Startup Village | On a mission to make money digital, social & fun in India!

Former team

Sreedeepkesav M S

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Nihal Bora

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Nandini Basu

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Sunil Kumar

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Satat Mishra

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Anisha Malik

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