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Spotify for ASMR and Relaxation

Spotify for ASMR and Relaxation

Chill Pill is a mobile application that acts as a central media hub for all your relaxation needs. We base our platform around the ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) media. A form of manipulating simple sounds that incite a relaxed and tingled feeling to listeners. These auditory effects can impact the listener in various ways, all positive and comforting. Whether it be helping you sleep, distress, calm down, cheer up, etc. ASMR media has multiple therapeutic effects. Chill Pill is here to provide a centralized platform for all ASMR needs. Based around a monthly subscription model, users get varying levels of access to the apps features and audio library. Users can also become content creators and garner followings on the app. Allowing them to create content by themselves and contribute to the ever growing library of ASMR content on Chill Pill.

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