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The innovation in social media

The innovation in social media

Chestry is the innovation in social media. Exchange your social media accounts and much more with your friends. Get notified about changes of their profiles inside your Feed or watch and react to media they repost from other platforms.

The business:
Our product is a platform where you can collect your social media accounts and exchange them with your friends. Explore new people or check out other social media accounts of someone you already know. Repost things from other platforms on our product to create a profile like never before!

The market:
The market is huge. Nearly everybody uses multiple social media platforms and therefore might be interested in connecting them together. And the market is also expanding at this time. We have some competitors like Linktree or About.me, but our USP is definitely the Feed functionality where you can see updates of connected accounts and reposted media. We have kind of a social media character on our platform.

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