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Engineering Manager – Cross-platform development

$0k – $80k
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We’re looking for an Engineering Manager for cross-platform development

Chengbao is looking for an Engineering Manager. You’ll lead our teams of client-side developers building our apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, web browser and even routers. The team’s goal is to make the fastest, most reliable, friendly, and secure Apps in the industry. You specifically will be responsible for maximizing the team’s velocity of delivering top-quality end products.

Over the past few years, we’ve grown with a flat team structure and highly skilled engineers mostly managing themselves. We’ve now reached a size where we’d like an experienced manager to help raise the quality of our team even further.


Your exact responsibilities will depend on your skills and interests, but shared aspects are:

* Lead a team of experienced software developers. Hire, motivate, mentor, define responsibilities, hold people accountable, manage career plans.
* Promote engineering excellence. Ensure we use efficient tools and processes and that each member of the team is an expert in their toolchain.
* Remain hands-on with technical work. Perform code reviews, ensure we make good architectural decisions well, ensure high-quality documentation, and also do some coding. Lead by example.
* Ensure our product backlog always defines the path to achieving our business goals.
* Own specific projects end-to-end across company teams

Some examples of challenges:

* Ensure end-to-end security.
* Make it possible to connect quickly and reliably (and stay connected), even in difficult network environments.
* Maximize speed.
* Maximize conversion rates and other revenue metrics affected by UI in the apps.
* Test all requirements automatically.


* Experience managing teams building native client-side applications across multiple platforms that regularly shipped new versions to customers at least once per month and tested the majority of their requirements automatically.
* Experience as a hiring manager.
* Expert developer on at least two target platforms: Desktop Apps, Web Apps and Mobile Apps, Router Apps or SDKs

What we offer

* Attractive compensation and benefits
* Flexible working hours and a healthy work-life balance
* Work in a challenging, collaborative, and fun environment

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