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WhatsApp for sports fans

WhatsApp for sports fans

Cheggin's mission is to help millions of sports fans across the world connect and share the excitement of following sports in real-time. We are WhatsApp meets SportsCenter: a free app that combines the best mechanics of group messaging with the scores, stats and play-by-pay that sports fans crave. Build your fan status, support your teams and always catch the game with friends and fellow fans.

Following sports is better with friends, yet current sports apps have horrible social features. Sports fans send billions of sports related messages every year, but the communications are fragmented across a variety of technologies. There is a growing shift away from broad social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter towards more targeted and communities. We're building a category killer for real-time social sports engagement.

Friends don't let friends follow sports alone. So Cheggin and join the game!

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Mark Garro

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Back-End & Web Developer • 10 years entrepreneurial experience • Founder @Cheggin, @ScholarLocker • Developer at @Mercurian • Studied CS at @Harvard University
Co-founder and CRO @Octane Lending • High performance marketer & conversation optimizer • Co-founder @Cheggin, @oDigger@DreamIt @Boston University Alum