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Expertise in bringing high volume products from concept to production. Food & education enthusiast.
Founded 2 electronics companies: Inolux for consumer and industrial markets; Isobaud for aerospace and medical markets. M.S. Electrical and Computer Engr
CEO of Chef Koochooloo. Strong Marketing and Community Development background (Yahoo, eBay, LVMH), produced a community that won the Anita Borg Institute Award


Parsati Maji

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Danny Chang

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Expertise in bringing high volume products from concept to production. Food & education enthusiast.
Pursuing MS in Computer Science from CSU East Bay, have 3 years of experience in the Information Technology sector working as a Software Developer.

Ryan Ames

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Illustrator/Designer, Thesis on media for children under 2 years old, Goal to work as a visual designer at a educational gaming app company. UX design interests

Neda Mandegaran

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Product manager with experience in both start-ups and corporate, both consumer and enterprise. B.S. in engineering, masters in business.
SUNY Buffalo State - BS electrical engineering technology, minor in painting NYU - MPS interactive telecommunications (front end web development)
Hello! I am a 3D Artist, specializing in 3D Modeling and Texturing, with strong skills in digital painting and a solid foundation in traditional art skills.

Russell Jong

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I have been working on mobile applications for over five years, supplementing over 20 years of building database driven applications and websites.
UCSC Cognitive Sciences/Anthropology major, qualitative and quantitative research, data analysis, SPSS, R, SAS, experience in education.
Teacher at Synapse School, Co-founder EQ Vehicle, Partner in Chef Koochooloo all things lead to early adolescent self-actualization!

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Product Evangelist with 10+ years of experience, bringing design, technology and business together.

Lisa Blum

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Founder @OpenEd
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