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No more paper, just send a Digital Check!

Back-end Engineer (Core Team member )

$90k – $140k • 0.2% – 1.0%
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You are: Someone who dreams about building scalable/robust back-end systems for payment processing. You get your thrills by designing security as part of the system - not as an after thought. You thought about making stackoverflow your  default home page and will not go home until you find the most optimal fix for the problem. 
You are proficient in at least two of the 6 most common languages on the github summary chart and if one of them is not python you are not averse to learning it given the right motivation. Have something cool and relevant you've built that you will be proud to show us.

We are solving a huge problem in financial services that has been lying unsolved for decades. Paper checks last year transacted 8x more money than all the transactions in VISA/MC combined. People and business still write billions (not millions) of Checks. We have built a way to generate and transmit digital images of Checks online. No scanning paper checks.

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