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The potential growth for our product is huge. Two of the biggest unicorns to emerge in the past 10 years have been in the payments space i.e. Square and Stripe. The market we are going after is larger than the Credit Card market and demand has already begun to exceed what our team can provide. Which is why we need you! Culture is important to us. What we are building today will live for a long time. If you seek to be a part of small team that can create an awesome place to work/hang-out with culture that values creative problem solving, taking difficult problems head-on and having a fun time while at it (work hard party harder ) lets talk.
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Back-end Engineer (Core Team member )

You are: Someone who dreams about building scalable/robust back-end systems for payment processing. You get your thrills by designing security as part of the system - not as an after thought.


Lead Front-end Engineer (Core Team Member )

You’re the one who makes Checkbook Inc. simple, beautiful, and easy to use.


Customer Service Guru, Community Manager

Put simply, customer success is going to be absolutely crucial to Checkbook Inc’s success. You will be responsible for executing on and defining a repeatable process for getting customers (individuals and businesses ) from day 1 to happy and growing accounts as quickly as possible.


Lead Sales person

Lead Sales person

You are: Someone who lives to close. You don't feel complete for the day unless you've closed a few sales/partnerships.


VP/Director of Enterprise Sales

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Paper checks? Yes, it’s still a thing, trillions of checks sent a year just in the USA!