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Work Culture
We are changing the world of payments. Getting rid of a legacy system and replacing it with a much more efficient one is never easy. Incumbents who are part of the old see it as a threat. They will fight to keep status quo. So while our cause is great, we will face threats from all over continuously.

We work smart. Working smart means finding clever ways to "hack" the system in ways to deliver an order of magnitude more efficiency. This applies to both Engineering as well as Sales. We will continuously strive to find ways where we can cleverly reduce the time/effort required to achieve Sales or Engineering metrics. Working smart takes precedence of over working hard.

We work hard. Our preference will be to work smart over work hard. But some things, indeed a lot of of things just require grunt work. Sometimes there are no short cuts. We will pull out the stops no matter how long it takes. A week will not be 40 hours, either less or more. Usually more. If this bothers you, let us know upfront.

We believe in deliverables. Deliverables are tasks that each individual is tasked with and are measured based on metrics. If one is unable and/or unwilling to "deliver" we will have an open conversation, offer a second chance. Doing things differently takes a lot of smart work and a lot of hard work. Hectic pace and hectic schedule can stretch a person and their relationship with others.

Unwinding: And so it's important to unwind and play. Not just with friends and family but also with co-workers/as a team. We typically go out for Friday dinner or order in. We order hot/fresh meals everyday for everyone in the office. Try to keep the pantry stocked with people's preferences of snacks and drinks.
We are trying to do a company retreat once a quarter. It's important to unwind.