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Founder Chattermill • Data Scientist, Mathematician, Text Analytics • Studied at @University of Bristol


Callie MacKinnon

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People and Talent Manager at Chattermill

Betty Naudeer

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I am motivated, enthusiastic and a fast learner. I like taking on new challenges and completing work efficiently and conscientiously.

Fraser Hopper

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Operations @ Chattermill. Previously @Kalo, @Homejoy, @HomeHeart and before tech I was in Law.
Queen Mary, University of London Graduate, with experience in economic research based software development mostly in Python

Junior Hewitt

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Director of Customer Success @Chattermill

Jack Miller

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Head of Growth @Chattermill. Digital India, Espark & Accelerate Cambridge alumni

Maya Vladimirova

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MD in applied physics and mathematics, created an app with 4m+ users as a designer, worked at first online bank in Russia, freelance analyst

Vali Aminov

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Ruby on Rails and Ember.js developer.