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ChatCampaign is the next generation marketing CRM on messaging that helps marketers to understand their audience almost like their friends.

The business has acquired corporate clients, built wildly successful use cases, built robust and low maintenance software platform, and got funding from an experienced angel investor at 2018Q3.

Together at ChatCampaign, we will..
。Work hard, learn from mistakes and embrace the startup journey.
。be bold to make an impact as everyone is a stakeholder, .
。Encourage each other.
。Communicate openly and set clear expectation.
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Jr. Outbound B2B SaaS Sales

Posted 9 months ago

What you will be doing: You will be helping us sell our O2O (online-to-offline) Messenger Marketing service. Think of it like Mailchimp for Messengers combined with a loyalty rewards app. We already have a handful of successful clients including a marketing agency, restaurant, E-Commerce, and...