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Lamppost electric vehicle charge points

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char.gy is an electric vehicle charging service. We design and manufacture the hardware, and write the software that communicates with the charge points and that the customers use to charge their car. It's a very rapidly growing industry that bridges transport, green energy, and the Internet of Things (the charge points have computers and modems).

char.gy has come from humble beginnings in June 2016 - from a prototype in a cardboard box; to a metal box; to a 3D printed metal enclosure; to a sand-cast enclosure; to a die-cast aluminium enclosure tested by UL laboratories to ISO 61851. We were the first lamppost mounted public charge point in the UK. A large proportion of the cost of installing a charge point is digging up the road and laying cables. Reusing the existing power supply in lampposts dramatically reduces costs. If the trend in electric vehicle uptake continues, quite soon, we're going to need a lot more charge points.

Read our company values: char.gy/blog/social-value-our-north