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We are a small enough team for you to make a big difference, but we have the safety of a big team's budget and customer traction to really innovate and make an impact.

Some Cool Problems that We're Solving:

• Converting textbooks into courses: lesson plans, teacher instructional notes, group activities, and individual practice exercises sessions—mixed in with appropriate summative and formative assessments and aligned to the school schedule.
• Creating a visual representation of all concepts that a student knows now and what she needs to know later to achieve proficiency in a subject area; finding the optimal path that connects these representations.
• Inferring the educational background of students based on their usage of the site.
• Identifying the fastest areas for students to achieve the biggest proficiency and growth gains.
• Mapping the differences in learning trends for students in different parts of the world
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Software Engineer

Staff Full-Stack Software Engineer

Posted 7 months ago

People learn best with human interactions. But to personalize learning for students, educators must use technology.