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The adaptive OS for teacher-led classroom instruction

The adaptive OS for teacher-led classroom instruction

ChalkTalk converts content into adaptive teacher-led classroom courses.

Using results from a student placement test, ChalkTalk’s machine-learning software generates standards-aligned curriculum customized to fit within the existing class schedule. Lesson plans, instructional materials, and small group activities are adaptively generated for the teacher, while personalized practice problems and review exercises are adaptively generated for each student. In this way, ChalkTalk acts as the ultimate teacher’s assistant - scaffolding instruction for each student while using class progress to shape future instruction.

Right now, ChalkTalk is being used to generate standards-aligned personalized supplemental curricula for high school English Language Arts and Math classes. After just 15 weeks, every school who used ChalkTalk had their students experience 2-6x more growth on state test scores compared to their peers after a full year of traditional instruction.

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