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At Chainstack we are building the ultimate blockchain control panel for the enterprise sector. We believe companies should spend their precious time leveraging the massive potential of decentralized solutions. Instead, we find most enterprises struggling through the complex blockchain maze. Our offering — a cloud and protocol-agnostic platform that will enable enterprises to rapidly deploy and manage blockchain applications. All in a breeze.

We are a fast growing startup with strong roots in enterprise IT and cybersecurity. This means you can make an impact from day one contributing to our vision of making enterprise blockchain adoption as simple as modern web services.

Please note that while we take care to read through every CV, it is not possible for us to respond to applicants that have not been shortlisted. So thanks a ton for sticking around. And if what we are trying to do inspires you as well, look forward to your application.
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Software Engineer

Blockchain Research Engineer

Posted 11 months ago

We are currently looking for a Blockchain Research Engineer, someone who can dissect any blockchain protocol, explain its operations lifecycle to the engineering team and be able to troubleshoot issues of any complexity. You will work on: - Helping to deliver a reliable and scalable...

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Posted 7 months ago

We are currently looking for a Software Engineer, someone versatile and enthusiastic to take on new problems across the full-stack as we continue to push technology forward. You will work on: - Designing, developing, testing, deploying, maintaining and improving reliable and scalable cloud-based...