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A biological testing lab on your desktop


Biotechnology is one of the most powerful tools on the planet, but one rarely used outside the lab. We're creating unprecedented access to this powerful technology, sparking an explosion of new applications that benefit humankind.
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Josh Perfetto


Bianca Broszus

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Currently @Chai , formerly @Valbridge Property Advisors @Limelight @Job Portraits @DailyBruin . UCLA physical science & English graduate.

Norberto Landicho

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Sr. Visual Designer at Fjord and Substantial. Four years in a startup environment as the only designer.

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CEO@Golden. @Heyzap[Acq] $->200+ co: Gusto, ClearTax, Boom, Astra, Benchling, Ginkgo, Airtable, Carta, Ironclad, Superhuman, Mercury, Linear, Calm, Relativity