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Toby McComas

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Institutional Equity Salesperson. Healthcare and Finance experience.

Alyssa Soren

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People and Support Specialist with 7+ years of experience in a variety of industries including tech startups, finance, human resources, non-profits, tourism.

Kael Shipman

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Explorer and lover of the philosophy and logic of programming. Multifaceted, interdisciplinary, highly engaged and hopelessly engrossed by systems design.

Jonathan Ledbetter

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10 yrs of financial ops experience updating legacy systems & processes to bring them into the modern technological age looking to pivot into the startup world.

Jeremy Kanne

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Founder/CEO @OpenFinance Network • Trading Platform for Security Tokens • @Kellogg School of Management MBA @Northwestern University CS • Blockchain Exchanges

Board members and advisors

Tom Bretz

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Founder @Elmspring Accelerator • Studied Thomas M. Bretz serves as Principal at Elmdale Partners and CEO of Century21 Affiliated Chicago.

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Thomas A McInerney

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Arthur Polk

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Daniel Kelly

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