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Fintech Internship

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We're always looking for new talents to join the team and help on a wide range of activities spanning from communications, Business Analysis, Videography, Curriculum design, business development and software engineering.

We're looking for hard-working, committed and motivated candidates who are eager to learn and join a smart team of individuals.

Per the nature of the Internship, we're not looking for specific roles or backgrounds but for motivated talents whom we'll train, mentor and put in charge of a specific CFTE project.

Moreover, we are building a community of individuals and organisations that are shaping the future of the financial industry, joining for an internship would allow you to be part of CFTE ecosystem.

There is no requirement for background education, but having at least one relevant experience in a startup (or other organisation) & being smart, hardworking, and entrepreneurial are a must.

You’re not expected to be an expert in Fintech but interest in technology and innovation with some curiosity for Finance are a good start. In fact, the most important thing for us would be your hunger to learn. CFTE has the goal to build a lifelong learning platform – we naturally apply our purpose to our own organisation.

We're currently looking for interns in London, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
Long term (>3months) and Full Time internship are preferable but we're open to discussion for shorter periods and Part-Time commitment.

Open internships currently include:
-> Events and Ecosystem: support our team delivering events and seminars across the globe with CFTE Faculty
-> Digital Production & Media: support our team producing leading online courses and cutting edge content pieces on the future of Finance
-> Partnership & CRM: support our team structuring and delivering high impact partnerships and build up shared value with leading institutions
-> Growth Marketing: support our team engineering our growth funnel and scaling our reach.
-> Content & Coms: support our team putting together the marketing strategy around our products and designing large scale communications campaigns
-> Operations & Tech: support our operations and technology team building up the leading education platform transforming the Finance Industry

The application process usually includes a video call, a case study and a physical interview with our management team.

So what are you waiting for?

If you still have some doubts, check the list of incentives below!

You’ll be joining a small but highly motivated team who’s building the future of education in finance. Although we’re small, we’re punching way above our weight, and are supported by exceptional people from Harvard, Imperial College, Hong Kong University, HSBC, Citi, Ping An or Lloyds.

You’ll be working on some of the most important topics of today: Digital transformation, Technology disruption, Lifelong learning and continuous adaptation, Shift to an entrepreneurial age.

You’ll have direct inputs on a global project aimed to train hundreds of thousands of people.

You can expect to be trained by some of the leading Fintech Entrepreneurs and Educators.

You’ll have access to our latest educational content and develop a true understanding of Fintech – starting with Around Fintech in 8 hours our fintech foundation course.

You will also be exposed to the Startup ecosystems in Europe and Asia. And participate in the construction of an ecosystem of exceptional people and organizations.

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