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Prove your company's identity online

Prove your company's identity online

CertSimple helps websites prove their legal identity online.

The only way a website can prove it's legal identity is via a background checking process called extended validation - 'EV' for short. Once a company has passed the background checks, the legal entity is added to the companies SSL certificate and displayed prominently to users.

There's only one problem: the EV background checks are a slow, painful process, typically taking 7-10 days.

CertSimple does the same thing in 5 hours. We connect to data for 100M companies in 62 countries, connect to independent business directories like Salesforce and D&B, perform fuzzy matching between sources and apply the best techniques across crypto, UX and server infrastructure to make the entire process as quick and as painless as possible.

Customers include New Statesman, The Motley Fool, Zirra, Crowdcube, currencyrransfer.com, Zirra and 3nder
Founder CertSimple. 10 years server infrastructure for companies inc. Red Hat and IBM, then 7 years of high profile UX for companies inc. Google and Microsoft.

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