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Rachid Ramoul

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Ryerson University, Masters of Environmental Applied Science and Management graduate working as an Image Processing Operations Lead at Ceres Imaging.

Corey Feduck

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Technical Project Manager with a background in UAVs and image processing. Balanced in business and technical development, currently building a team in Ukraine.

James Hunt

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Worked for an Agtech Consultancy and Ceres Imaging - an Ag Focused Aerial Imagery Firm - Sales, BD, Product Development

William Roscoe

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I enjoy making operations efficient.

Chris Wilson

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Software engineer with a background in science, math, and making things work better.

Anthony Atlas

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Head of Product @Ceres Imaging, previously @Bloodhound. Symbolic Systems at @Stanford University, honors research Systems Neuroscience. @Intel ISEF winner.

Cale Donovan

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VP Ops @Ceres Imaging , formerly COO @HIRABL , Previously built and sold successful agency. Making sense of chaos.
Principal Mechanical Engineer designing, building, and automating diverse scientific products.
Scientist @Ceres Imaging PhD in astrophysics @UC Berkeley
Founder @Ceres Imaging, Worked @BCG, Studied @Stanford University Graduate School of Business and @Stanford University University

Former team

Shoshi Naymann

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Tomás Puig

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Kyle Daeley

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Richard Li

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